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Not only the will to survive made she did what she did, Kim Tae Hee portrayed a character which is full of ambition, has been raised up in the high society and is accustomed to how rich people think and do very well. This drama is mind blowing and a real suspense, have a little bit of comedy and romance. I just hope that there is a another episode, like a what happened to the traitor and they will get married on church and they have a kid.Many thanks SBS's for this amazing realisation- Yong Pal. Thanks Kim Tae Hee not only for her wonderful presence and acting but even for her nice, amazing pauses in dialogues. Agree with people who think drama was rushed and had some poor editing.Kim Tae-Hyun (Joo Won) is an excellent surgeon, but he is constantly harassed by debt collectors due to his younger sister. She deserved more projects like action series where she can be the Lead , as ive mention above i like story actress that have strong personality! which is far different from his role in Queen Seon Deok and Empress Ki.. The show should have ended with the death of the evil brother.

I like this drama cos this drama always has a surprise on each episode, but i was so disappointed on the last episode, it seems too rush.

Why did they fall in love with each other so fast, and so deeply, that was dramas biggest mistake This was a very good series.

There is lots of action, and the plot is complex and original.

Overall i loved the drama, even tho i'm into Joo won right now i never watch dramas just because of hot actors. People who love revenge with some romance will like it.

Main couple of course were brilliant, i love how natural they were around each other.

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