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Born on January 24, 1983 in Brisbane, Queensland Craig grew up being a resourceful child.During his tenure, he got to perform in drama The Maids and A Midsummer Night's Dream under school production and since then he decided to become an established actor. Peters Lutheran College located within her hometown in Brisbane.She played yet another Broadway play Children and Art before being hired for The Wedding Album.She starred in television series The Frontier in 2012 and joined Beauty & the Beast as Alex the following year. In addition, Bridget co-starred as an Asian diplomat Sasha Cooper in a TV drama series The actress must be banking some serious cash.His photos and videos can be found on his official fan page.He constantly uses twitter to be in touch with his fans.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

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With his interesting characterization, Horner continuously amused the world and brought smile in every audience faces.Considering his interviews and The Legend of the Seeker's popularity, he's too busy to date, or find someone in New Zealand at least.He and Bridget Regan have great chemistry but as far as we know they are simply costars and good friends. , Craig Horner has steadily matured from an Australian teen idol into a seasoned actor rising to international fame. She portrayed Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell in the series and earned swift success in the industry. She dyed her dark brown and black hair to red and occasionally straightened it. Bridget’s Rebecca Lowe turned out be an MI5 agent turned assassin, Rachel Turner. , “Oh my gosh, no one is ever going to trust me on TV again!

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