Cory booker dating gayle king

Because I want to challenge people on their homophobia.

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Source: Cory Booker, King uncovered about her other connections on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in 2002.“I want to sort of take the romantic aspect out of it and talk more about how she’s amazing. Just not only with women, people of color—so much visibility.Her show gave a little dis to Newark, and I’m a big defender of cities, and so I called her out on it. She’s just an extraordinary force, and someone I have a lot of respect for.Not only did she say, hey, this is her character, not [her personal insult], but then she agreed to come over to Newark, New Jersey. So, to have her come to my city to see it and to bring her spotlight there is a wonderful thing.”But he wasn’t out of compliments yet.“I just think she’s a really wonderful person, that’s it.

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