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“The current paper is to an extent a breakthrough because that really allows us now to manipulate these systems and see if one particular gene or gene product is really responsible for heat tolerance,” he told Dr Cleve agreed that for the time being the goal of applying genetic techniques to corals is to understand how these creatures work, and why they respond in certain ways to the changing climate.

“Maybe there are natural gene variants in coral that bolster their ability to survive in warmer waters; we’d want to know that,” he explained, describing the current situation in coral research as “an all-hands-on-deck moment”.

In the future they hope to identify genes involved in coral survival, especially those that help them tolerate the rising temperatures that have led to catastrophic reef “die-offs”.

While scientists have emphasised that genetically enhanced “super-corals” are still a long way from becoming reality, this work is still thought to hold great promise for coral protection.

Professor Wiedenmann said that while gene editing is likely to prove a highly useful tool, scientists must not lose light of the bigger picture when considering coral conservation.

“We really need to focus on keeping the reef environments habitable for corals,” he said.

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However, coral expert Professor Jorg Wiedenmann from the University of Southampton – who was not involved in the study – warned that this was not all about creating “super-corals”.As the whole Coral Coast is just one to two hours from Nadi, most resorts offer transfers to the international airport. Transport in Coral Coast Most restaurants on the Coral Coast can be found at resorts, but the markets and eateries around Korotogo and Sigatoka town are great places to sample the local flavours.The Sigatoka Valley is known as ‘Fiji’s salad bowl,’ so a weekend trip to the markets is a must if you want to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables.All accommodation in Coral Coast Buses travel the Coral Coast continuously on the route between Nadi International Airport and Suva.The ‘stopping bus’ does exactly what it says picking up whoever waves them down from the side of the road, although there are also express services available.

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