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Gale Gallo, Lemoyne's mayor and a member of the regional commission that oversees the police, expressed support for his actions: "In my view, he'd be within his authority to make sure that anyone driving illegally would not continue to drive in our borough," she said.But policing experts say the officer should have done no more than ticket the cook and impound his car.In Lemoyne, Cumberland County, for instance, Officer Brandon Stolley of the West Shore Regional Police pulled over a restaurant cook for speeding, discovered he had no license, and called ICE so that the man, who had no criminal record, could be interrogated by phone about his immigration status.At a federal agent's request, Stolley then handcuffed the cook, put him in his squad car, and drove 30 minutes beyond his patrol area to a Mc Donald's parking lot to hand him over.Many were dozing, and they startled awake when Macke, having asked the driver for his license and registration, swung open the van's rear door and demanded everyone's "papers" — passports, visas, work permits.It was not the first time, and not the last, that Macke, 35, with nine years on the state police force, converted a routine traffic stop into an immigration arrest.But days after the accident, six immigration officers showed up on his doorstep and arrested him, along with four fellow construction workers whom ICE deemed "collaterals." "The police ratted him out because he got in a fender-bender," said his wife, Martha. There are millions of people like Wilfrido, working crap jobs that Americans don't want. The city declines to hold anyone for ICE without a judicial warrant, even criminal suspects or inmates facing release.

Inside the van were 10 Latino men returning to New York from a two-day Alcoholics Anonymous conclave in Georgia.In North Versailles Township, in Allegheny County, police officers alerted ICE to the whereabouts of an undocumented Mexican immigrant named Wilfrido Perez after he was involved in a car crash in which no one was hurt.Perez, 49, had been in this country over two decades and was in the process of legalizing his status through his marriage to an American woman. " In Philadelphia, police officers are trained to refrain from asking about immigration status, with such questions considered irrelevant to and even obstructive of effective policing.When Cambar found himself handcuffed in the back of Macke's cruiser on the verge of being turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, he said, he told the trooper he had a daughter and asked, "Do you think you'd be happy if you were separated from your kids?" "No," he said Macke responded, "but it's my job." Actually, it is not.

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