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This week, we look at the short life of the 1966-1969 Pontiac OHC six, Pontiac Firebird Sprint, and Tempest Le Mans Sprint.

John Zachary De Lorean was born in Detroit in 1925.

Third, an OHC V6, V8, or V12 requires two camshafts — four with dual overhead cams — while a pushrod engine can get by with one.

The reduction in valvetrain mass not only enables the engine to rev higher, it increases the acceleration and deceleration rate of the valves.As the name implies, an OHV engine mounts the valves in the cylinder head, which improves breathing and thermal efficiency.The problem is that it puts the valves some distance away from the crankshaft.Like many automotive executives of his era, he was a second-generation automobile man; his father, an immigrant from Alsace-Lorraine, had worked for a time as a millwright for Ford.As a teenager, De Lorean earned a scholarship to Lawrence Institute of Technology (now Lawrence Technological University) and, after a brief stint as an insurance salesman, took a job with the Chrysler Corporation.

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