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My super thick hair thinned - worse at front hairline.I did not have any bald spots - but irritation lasted years.I used to have so much stress and my hair never suffered. I didn’t want to risk more chemicals and by then, I had begun to research extensively.Now after the BB I have noticed after a stressful situation I would shed a lot. I knew this was just the beginning although nobody would listen to me!

If you use too much it feels like heart palpitations. Kind of impossible for the whole head but I'm getting better at spreading a little to go a long way. I think what also really helped is daily meditation and prayer. The treatments they gave me are still sitting in my drawer at home from four years ago.And it all started within days of her first ever Brazilian hair straightening. In my opinion, it’s an excess of formaldehyde - pure and simple. Please keep posting with progress especially if you find something that works!If you google: Daily Mail newspaper article, Brazilian blowout you’ll see that there have been two articles mentioning hairloss in relation to B. I wonder where your mobile hairdresser bought the B. Hi Everyone Though I have never posted on this site I started reading your posts nearly a year ago and kept checking in.Can someone please advise if there is a way to reverse the process? Tons of hair loss, anxiety, obsessed over it - horrible!Doctors visits, probably tried 50 different shampoos, vitamins, prescription steroids etc.

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