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The study that resulted in this book follows on her doctoral work, broadening its scope to examine the pathways to intimate relationships.She conducted interviews and focus groups on two campuses, a small and large evangelical university.It’s not the ideal of sexual purity, per se, that causes these challenges, but , a social system of norms, rewards, and punishments that presents perfection as the sole ideal.Students reported to Malone that sex talk on campus, in public forums, doesn’t reach the level of authenticity or honesty that they need.hether they had a ring by spring, never had a date, or were somewhere in between, alumni of Christian colleges and universities remember their experience of marriage culture on campus.

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Women suffer shame and guilt not just around sexual sin but around the sheer fact of living in a body.For men, this includes pleasing a woman’s friend group before even approaching the woman and showcasing his spiritual piety (as opposed to his athletic or physical strength, or sexual prowess).Women walk an even trickier tightrope, using their attire, words, body language, and behaviors to convey modesty and godly womanhood.Missteps in this arena can end a relationship and damage future prospects.Like gender, sex is a subject fraught with tension, which creates great challenges for authentic public or private dialogue.

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