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Benefits include exposure to new ideas and knowledge acquisition, increased opportunities for social contact and support, and new opportunities to access health-promotion messages and information.Risks include negative health effects on weight and sleep; exposure to inaccurate, inappropriate, or unsafe content and contacts; and compromised privacy and confidentiality.At present, 76% of teenagers use at least 1 social media site.Both traditional and social media can provide exposure to new ideas and information, raising awareness of current events and issues.Interactive media allow information sharing and provide an engaging digital environment that becomes highly personalized.TV viewing also has changed over the past decade, with content available via streaming or social media sites, such as You Tube and Netflix.If you don’t like where the conversation is going, you can quickly change over and never have to speak with that person again.

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Talk to the right person, who really understands what you want and there’ll be no stopping you.

Parents and pediatricians can work together to develop a Family Media Use Plan ( Use Plan) that considers their children’s developmental stages to individualize an appropriate balance for media time and consistent rules about media use, to mentor their children, to set boundaries for accessing content and displaying personal information, and to implement open family communication about media.

Today’s generation of children and adolescents are growing up immersed in media, including broadcast and social media. Interactive media include social media and video games in which users can both consume and create content.

This policy statement focuses on children and adolescents 5 through 18 years of age.

Research suggests both benefits and risks of media use for the health of children and teenagers.

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