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‘I’m not in denial and nor are Gareth’s mum, dad or sister.It would have been fine if he was but he had too much interest in women.

And last week there were further lurid allegations after police said they wanted to questiona Mediterranean couple who were seen calling at Gareth’s flat before he died.Now, it appears he was rather more than that and was involved in the type of tradecraft more commonly found in a John le Carre novel.There is even a plaque to him at GCHQ in Cheltenham in honour of his work. That kept him very happy and content.‘When Gareth was not at work, I was the person he spent more time with than anyone else. I find it difficult to see anything in his personal life which could lie behind this.He wanted a girlfriend and he wanted a wife and family. He had a mild stutter, which was a big barrier as it would get worse when he was nervous. There weren’t any I was aware of but to be honest, we never mentioned it. People used to come, all those who couldn’t do their maths, and he would do it for them. That’s how he was, how we were as friends.’Mr Williams gained special permission to leave school for Bangor University aged just 15, and at 18 he left home to study for a Ph D at Manchester University. He’d always tie up his visits with a gig at the MEN Arena or the Apollo.I know it was my next big project to get him a girlfriend. He cherished the time he had with his sister and with me and he wanted that with other girls. We only sold it for school dinner money, 70p a time or something like that, and I used to buy magazines. Three years later, he was approached by the British security services, who apparently spotted his precocious online gaming abilities. To be honest with you, I think we were both slightly in awe of each other. I never went with him, I’d meet him afterwards or the next day.

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