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If you want to keep it in the neighborhoods, the Belmont Theater District in Lakeview is actually the largest in the city if you count by theaters.

But is there anything more romantic than the 100-year-old theaters in the Loop Theater District, like the CIBC for you high-roller Show off how cool you are with your in-depth knowledge of Chicago’s secret bars.

She and Arie go full when Arie takes her to an abandoned mansion for some personal shopping.

But it was Annaleise who was one of the most ruthless because you can either let trauma own you, or you own trauma.The city offers everything from romantic walks along the beach to fancy indoor fun, like a performance in the Theatre District (hurray, air conditioning! No matter how you prefer to impress the guy or gal in your life, this list is chock-full of creative ideas for a date in Chi-Town.The lake is kind of an obvious date spot, whether you’re a Chicago native or tourist on Tinder, but that doesn’t make it any less fun.You couldn’t help but feel Bekah thought that was her only card to snag Arie. Most underestimated — Bibiana Sans the mic drop at the end of her speech, Bibiana turned it out and finally answered the question “Do you mind if I steal him for a minute? Clearly not a front runner or a plausible winner, we suggest an after show of her own titled “I Mind, with The Bibs.” Until next week, take care of your taxidermy animals.There’s nothing more fun than Chicago in the late spring and summer -- especially when you get to share it with your main squeeze (or your side piece -- we’re not here to judge).

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