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The duo was formed in late 1998 by SM Entertainment.

Brian Joo auditioned while he was attending Holy Spirit High School in New Jersey. Soon after, the duo released their debut album Day by Day on December 9, 1999, and made their first official television appearance two days later.

He admitted that the two had difficulties in the early days of their career and said that he had been troubled by feelings of inferiority to Hwanhee, because he received more attention and praise than him.

Despite their status as a duo, he felt that he was not given his due or the same amount of attention as Hwanhee.

In November 2004, the duo released their fifth and last studio album under SM Entertainment, Gravity.

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Brian Joo publicly addressed the rumours on SBS show "Yah Shim Man Man," which aired on July 10.

) is a South Korean R&B duo, consisting of Korean-American Brian Joo and South Korean native Hwanhee.

Initially marketed as a duo that can sing, rap, and dance, their early works featured bubblegum pop and upbeat techno music.

The single signaled the duo's musical transition from bubblegum music to R&B.

Along with their music, their image began to change as the duo traded in their "flower boy" look for a more masculine image.

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