Braniac dating

Hermione had always told him to think things through and here he was, finally doing it, only to realize that she didn't want to be his friend anymore. She didn't want to study, she was just annoyed with him for interrupting her daydream about the thick-headed oaf. Ron was lazy, abrasive, unreliable, and to be perfectly honest, a bit dim. Now he wouldn't have any emotional ties to worry about. He would be able to walk into the fiery depths of hell without dragging anyone with him.

Harry glanced over at the woman that was causing him all of his troubles…well, most of his troubles at the moment. Sure, he did have striking blue eyes, but that was just about his only good quality. He would show them that he could get along just fine without a certain Hermione Jean Granger. At least nobody would feel anything in particular when they learned that Voldemort had killed him.

Now that he had completely devoted himself completely to eradicating Voldemort, he was first in the class, even topping Hermione.

Hermione had stopped coming to the extra-credit hands-on study sessions about two days after Harry had started doing them…which also happened to be the day she and Ron had become an item.

Funnily enough, it now seemed that Harry and Hermione were switching roles.With full access to the restriction of the Library, Harry looked up all the secrets of dark curse-breaking and Horcrux auras.Then it had clicked that he had felt something similar to the feeling they had described in the book.Takes place during Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The Hermione he knew was always there for him and cared for him, always paying attention to what he had to say and thinking through everything logically. Well, that was a lie—he actually picked the Quidditch notebook up to hide his reddening face. No matter how many times he said it or how many valid reasons he gave her, Hermione just did not want to even consider that Malfoy just be a Death Eater. It may have seemed a little childish to an observer at first, but once the person had seen how Hermione had been treating Harry this school year they might begin to understand.

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