Benefits to dating a marine

And if you can’t find something to laugh about, you might be that woman on the news in your curlers and slippers who was found in Wal-Mart ranting about civilians that just don’t understand. If you are about to marry a Marine, read this before you register for your china.Don’t waste time looking at fancy glassware to serve up mixed drinks with your friends.After 10 years of Marine Corps Balls, you will be drinking out of them at dinner.After 20 years of Marine Corps Balls you will be When all your civilian friends are paying .00 a pound for chicken breasts at the grocery store, you are getting a package of chicken breasts that have just been reduced to 20 cents a pound at the commissary!My heart beats a little faster when I think of the 20 cases of kids’ Suave shampoo I bought at a case-lot sale two years ago. So everyone in the house, including the dog smells, like Strikin Strawberry!(Note: TMO will not move 20 cases of shampoo for you, so only do this at the beginning of a tour at your new duty station.) Do you Never fear, my dear!He will always open doors for whenever you go out, he will push out the chair for you, make you feel comfortable – these are things that really make a big difference. It is a truism that dating marine men will eventually help you understand that there is always an air of hyper-masculinity present whenever his friends from the Corps get together.And while that can be a bit annoying, it also means that he will take of everything you would expect a real man to.

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Thanks to our frequent deployment schedule, there are some spouses who get to welcome their Marine back home once a year.There is always something very enigmatic about air force dating – which why it is so hot!Your Air Force Man has some Awesome Stories to Tell If you date a air force guy, you will undoubtedly hear plenty of his stories and adventures – some of which might just be a tad bit more exaggerated, but one this for certain, around your guy you will never ever feel bored.You may start off in base housing, then decide to move off-base.And the people that have rented that house next to you will be foreclosed on and you will have to move to your parents’ house for six weeks with your one-year old while your husband is in Spain.

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