Benefits of consolidating services

Pattani says this has reduced the amount of time they spend at the police station by 35%.There are further plans to deliver over 300 more data terminals according to role-specific responsibilities in the near future.

Jon Curry, head of IT at The Eden Project, says that as far as energy consumption is concerned, the IT team is "always trying to do the right thing".Although some bespoke development work was required to make key applications - such as Crime & Intelligence and Command & Control - work on the various mobile platforms, Pearce says the roll-out benefited from previous experience of the Citrix interface.By September 2008, Leicestershire Constabulary had worked with Citrix reseller Point-to-Point to deploy 150 mobile handheld and laptop devices to frontline staff."We have UPS [uninterruptible power supply] units on site, but the vast majority of our server estate is due to be replaced within the next three years," Curry says."One of the advantages of server virtualisation was that we would be able to restore data to any point, as opposed to taking on a major disaster recovery contract." The Eden Project worked with third-party virtualisation specialist S3 Consulting to consolidate its datacentre infrastructure using Net App storage virtualisation and VMware server virtualisation technology running on HP Pro Liant servers.

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