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Surat Thani, provincial home to the likes of Khanom, Samui and Koh Phangan, registered at 21, with a daily high of 41 on PM 10, which is considered ‘good.’Resort and party paradise Phuket registered at 20, also ‘good' but tends to bounce somewhere between the low twenties and fifties.

But again, these readings are without the PM2.5 metric.

When I last checked, the AQI registered at 108, most definitely ‘unhealthy.’But look at the 48 hour max (802!?

However, accounting for an uplift in PM 2.5, on the surface it seems a trip to the beach better for your health than sunbathing next to Bangkok traffic.

The missing PM2.5 data is exactly what Greenpeace recently called Thailand out for, and branded it “misleading the people”. When we look at another reading of Pathum Thani with the PM10 data included, the picture not so healthy.

And remember this still doesn't include PM 2.5: When we look at Bangkok PM10 levels vs. The annual average air quality in 2017 was 72, with a high of over 300: that's twice as bad as London, Paris, Tokyo, Los Angeles and New York but better then Seoul, Shanghai and Beijing.

Do note that these are overall statistics, and AQIs will vary for different areas within a city.

Chiang Mai — Thailand’s second largest city, located in the North — is the joint third most polluted city in Thailand.

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