Bald head dating

Now he has retired from tennis, written a best-selling autobiography and shaved his head. The Men's Department: How to go bald gracefully When actor Ving Rhames won a Golden Globe award in 1998, he gave it to fellow nominee Jack Lemmon.Generous, respectful, bald and sexy—all great qualities in a man.

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It's really working as I can see some new little hair growth.Start with clean hair and scalp, and use scissors or an electric clipper to get your hair as short as possible.While some men prefer a razor for the closest shave, if you’re a beginner it may be too tricky to maneuver a razor around your head without cutting yourself.Actor Ben Kingsley, who was forced to change his name to get work and has a chameleon-like ability to disappear into a role, called baldness “the opposite of disguise” in a 2010 interview with Maxim magazine.Sean Connery started losing his hair at age 21 and wore a toupee in his most famous role as James Bond.

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