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Magnus then unsuccessfully auditioned for the Berklee College of Music.After attending Salem State College for just one semester, she became a glassblower's apprentice and sang for a band called Lunar Valve..The unlikely candidate, the younger and often physically weaker son, the one whose lineage is at least as much about mom as it is about dad, the son who would not normally be destined for greatness – that is the son who takes the prize, inherits the power and becomes the next link in the chain of “winners”.If American Idol were judged by Biblical standards, Crystal Bowersox, not Lee De Wyze, would have likely won on last night’s finale of American Idol 2010. 🚨 🚨EGREMONT, MA🚨 THE EGREMONT BARN MAY 30TH 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 TOMORROW!!!! GET YOUR TICKETS HERE: 👉🏼 W2Ug Amazing vibe at this place, see you there 😎 ..and the support from the people around me that has allowed me the space I need to continue to push myself creatively. Here’s to whatever the future holds, to the next song, the next record, the next tour, the next story, You guys kick ass. I will always remember and appreciate the amount of support from my family and friends that encouraged me & pushed me through that very crazy and unpredictable time in my life.

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وقالت المصادر، إن مسلحين حوثيين، داهموا منزل المواطن “عبدالله زايد”، في منطقة الجبجب، بمديرية حزم العدين، وقاموا بنهب محتويات المنزل، واختطافه مع ثلاثة من أبنائه واقتادوهم لجهة مجهولة.

De Wyzes’ victory over the other finalist, Crystal Bowersox, came as no huge surprise to many of the show’s fans and followers in the media.

Even though many of them have been saying that Crystal deserved to win, they were often just as certain that De Wyze was more likely to win. America, show-watchers say, is just not ready to embrace Crystal and her rough and wild look.

It was because of my time on Idol that I was lucky enough to meet the love of my life in my wife Jonna, and allowed our paths to cross. For any artist, it’s the fans, the passion for music, and the listeners of our music that drives and allows us to keep creating. My time on the show allowed me a platform, but beyond that.. My passion for songwriting, and connecting with all of you has always been at the forefront.

Whether you watched me on the show, or just heard my music for the first time, your support has not and will not ever go unnoticed or unappreciated.. I went on the show because of my passion for music.

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