Are blue eyes intimidating

Jibril’s eyes are a magnificent combination of colors and shapes.

She has dark purple pupils with sparkling golden irises surrounded by purple rings.

” this is my brother’s shirt” she pointed towards the white shirt which Sanskar just wore but still was unbuttoned. ” you know now he is in London studying law okay let me tell about myself for what I came here. I’m very happy type of person talkative that you must have known…” She was blabbering non stop laughing giggling at her own words.

I’m swara bose studying in xyz college I’m living here with my mother but now you must be thinking where is my mother ?? Right but don’t worry she is not invisible (laughs) in the morning she went out of town for business meeting. Sanskar has buttoned his shirt but few upper buttons were open. When it became impossible for him to bear he pushed her against the wall smashing his lips against her.

She looked at him from toe to head and here her beautiful hazel doe eyes met his eyes NO NO “INTIMIDATING EYES” She skipped her heartbeat while looking him shamelessly without blinking her eyes. ” Her brows lifted little ” Same you were doing” his dark red lips parted to say these words which made swara hell embarrassed as he is right. But again she is not at fault if a man will be handsome to extreme how can her eyes stop staring him.

” what the f**k were you doing for this much time?? Swara got scared and she immediately closed the door. ” may i get a room” he got up from sofa looking around. ” don’t touch me again” he warned Swara nodded gulping her saliva.

His taste was so different which was making him lose her senses. He kissed her to seal her mouth but after tasting her he want more. But he is handsome and i don’t think ghosts are hot and handsome. Depuuuu dear I had tried something different for you.

All of us anime fans have at some point fallen for some absolutely charming anime character. And it’s usually something in the eyes of these anime characters what really captivates us.He is wearing only thin black shirt with black pants. Fortunately there was someone inside as he heard some noise. Inside the house, a girl in early twenties is standing thinking something deeply. She is standing close to the door but not getting courage to open it while the person on the other side is waiting desperately. She pounced the coin and it came out ‘HEAD’ Left with no other option she moved back to the door with a cute pout on her lips. ” ” Let me come in first” he stepped in not even waiting for her consent. Swara closed the door and went near him ” you fought with someone? He looked at her for few seconds then closed his eyes again resting his back with the sofa leaning on it.He bagged at the door loudly as if want to get in fast. She unlocked it and finally opened only to find a dangerously handsome man standing in front of her. ” its okay if you don’t want to tell” disappointment was clear in her voice. Shivers ran through swara’s spine as he found her gazing at her visible cleavage and bare legs. Swara cursed herself for wearing such exposy dress but it was not her mistake she was not knowing that some stranger will drop in her house and will stare her intensly. Trying to avoid the awkwardness she said ” checking me out???His cold tongue entangled with her warm as he completely enter in her mouth.Swara felt dizzy firstly bcoz of his coldness and secondly pleasure yes she was enjoying it. Kindly share your views you can criticise but don’t bash.

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