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The reality is that it’s the most compassionate thing you can do…

if you really love them, don’t you think it makes sense that you don’t feel like you’re settling for them?

I don’t know where or why this idea started, but somehow women all over the world were tricked into believing that men communicate in some sort of secret code… Men aren’t transmitting secret messages to you through their words and actions…MORE: 5 Steps to Make Any Man Fall in Love The fact is, I could go on and on about signs a man loves you.The problem is, there are many times that a woman will ignore all the warning signs and red flags of a relationship, pick out the she sees on a list of love signs that the guy is actually doing and then victoriously proclaim, “He loves me – my relationship is meant to be!I say this because the majority of women fall into a relationship trap precisely because they’re afraid of being selfish. the guy starts to show less interest and the woman, in an attempt to reel him back, starts putting in more energy and trying energy into the relationship…sometimes to the point where he thinks to himself, “This is great, this woman will do anything for me and no matter what I do, she’ll never leave… ” When it comes to human nature, people (men and women) only value what they worked to earn.

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