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This material was prepared for Religion Online by Ted Brock. (I’ve changed her name and the names of all the students mentioned in this article.) Lisa’s hair is dyed black and purple, and she has numerous piercings, including one in her lower lip that bounces as she talks to me.

I am not a princess but sometimes IFamily is first for me and I know that my goal is to be the best wife for my future husband. I need a friend that will Walk I have a diversified background and am happy almost any where doing most anything…whether it’s a museum or a football game, boating, motorcycling, fishing (if someone else baits the hook!

Lisa’s teacher is Char Kamper, who uses a curriculum called Connections that she developed to teach students about dating, relationships and me that one of their favorite pages in Connections is “The Breakup Page.” I turned to it expecting to find principles, rules or guidelines for breaking off a relationship, maybe “Ten Steps to Breaking Up.” Instead I found a list of questions with space for students to write answers: These questions convey the power of Kamper’s curriculum and her classroom dynamic. She asks, inviting dialogue with teenagers by raising questions that suggest fundamental principles such as “listening is important,” “all people have feelings and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect,” and “significant decisions require planning.” Kamper provides on-the-ground, tangible activities for students to engage in, and she leaves space for them to reflect and come to their own conclusions. is at its lowest level since 1970, fewer people are choosing to get married, and the word marriage has become politically charged.

A study by Scott Gardner of South Dakota State University also seems to confirm RME’s effectiveness.

Researchers followed students for four years after their classroom experience and found that students who studied Connections were better at conflict resolution and more likely to say they would seek out premarital or marriage counseling than those who did not.

Halpern-Meekin looks for gains such as improved communication skills, a better understanding of commitment and more maturity in relationship timing.

All are difficult to quantify, of course, but students in both rural and urban areas showed improvement in these areas.

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