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Obama — or any Democrat — would be hounded by the media and the rightwing noise machine to a degree that would very likely make his chances of winning in November somewhere between slim and none.

By contrast, it is as equally a dead certainty there will be nothing in the news about Mc Cain’s adultery, sex lies and estrangement from the Reagans after today — not even when Mc Cain campaigns in California for a constitutional amendment that supposedly protects marriage — not from adultery, the real threat to marriage — but from gay people seeking equal rights.

One interesting side note is that Mc Cain’s divorce attorney was George E.

“Bud” Day, a fellow POW who was a key player in the Swiftboating of Mc Cain’s former friend, John Kerry, in the 2004 campaign.

One of them went out into the fields to gather herbs and found a wild vine and picked as many of its gourds as his garment could hold.

When he returned, he cut them up into the pot of stew, though no one knew what they were.

He was last seen on the evening of April 24th on Ash Valley Avenue in Barrhaven. Our services range from: - House cleaning - Laundry Services (Dry Cleaning) - Grocery Shopping - Cooking (Meal Prep) - Personal Driving Services ...

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The Times article opens with the strained moments around Nancy Reagan’s tepid endorsement of Mc Cain earlier this year: Outside her Bel-Air home, Nancy Reagan stood arm in arm with John Mc Cain and offered a significant — but less than exuberant — endorsement.

On Christmas Eve 1969, however, Carol Mc Cain suffered devastating injuries in a single car accident.

The Times article says she “she broke both legs, an arm and her pelvis.

In a written statement, she described Mc Cain as “a good friend for over 30 years.” But that friendship was strained in the late 1970s by Mc Cain’s decision to divorce his first wife, Carol, who was particularly close to the Reagans, and within weeks marry Cindy Hensley, the young heiress to a lucrative Arizona beer distributorship.

The Times reports that the Reagans sided completely with Mc Cain’s first wife in the divorce.

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