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According to a study conducted at State University of New York at Buffalo, “combining behavior modification therapy with medication is the most effective way to improve the behavior of many ADHD children.In fact, when the two are combined, the study showed, the amount of medication required to achieve the same results as use of medication alone can be reduced by two-thirds”.Most authorities believe that stimulants are both over and under prescribed based diagnostic and patient compliance issues so that some children are receiving medication they do not need while others are not receiving this necessary treatment for their condition.Medications that treat ADHD are not tranquilizers or sedatives. They actually improve functioning in various areas of the brain involved with attention, concentration and self-control.A number of neuro-imaging studies have shown that the brain functioning of ADHD patients does improve and appears to be more like the normal group after they have taken their prescribed medication.The Drug Digest provides an excellent synopsis on the use of stimulants with children and adults.Since this class of medications has been used successfully to treat tic disorders including Tourettes, it may the drug of choice for ADHD children who also have a tic disorder.

Primary care physicians most likely will consider referral to a child and adolescent psychiatrist at this point.By contrast, a need for relief of symptoms at home and school suggests a 7-day schedule. Children who fail to show positive effects or who experience intolerable side effects on one stimulant medication should be tried on another of the recommended stimulant medications.Children who fail 2 stimulant medications can be tried on a third type or formulation of stimulant medication for the same reason.For updates on new medications and warning about medications the FDA website is your best source of information.Medications usually used to treat ADHD improve the availability in the synapse of two neurotransmitters, dopamine and norepinephrine.

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