Ackles dating jensen

Tabor), wanted to come back to Austin because of the city’s beer community.

“Texas’ scene came up a little bit later,” Seale said.

If she needs to help the Winchesters another day, then that works.” was already on its way, and I thought, “That’s his thing.” But now, Eugenie [Ross-Leming] and Brad [Buckner], who are executive producers of the show, came up with this character and pitched it to me, and I thought, “Yeah! This is the reason to do it.” She’s a badass female character who just knows what she wants, and they kind of wrote it with me in mind, they say.

On the opposite end of the room is an abstract mural painted by Los Angeles artist Kenton Parker, fronted by a stage for live music performances.“We want to give the city people, along with everybody around the neighborhood, a Hill Country experience,” she explained.This meant a fenced-in outdoor playground, picnic tables, patio deck, shaved ice machine, yard games like cornhole and horseshoes.People are encouraged to bring blankets and linger at the brewery.Eventually, they will clear the trail that winds through the property for walks. As for food, the Ackles’ friends and stars of A&E television Jep and Jessica Robertson are opening their own food trailer.

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