Accommodating growth

“As the inner biopolymer degrades, the tubular sleeve becomes thinner and elongates in response to native tissue growth.” To create the degrading core, Karp’s team recommended the use of an extra-stiff, biocompatible polymer that begins to erode on its surface following implantation.“By adjusting the polymer’s composition, we can tune the core to degrade predictably over a pre-determined amount of time,” says Karp, co-senior author on the study.

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"In combination with the braided sleeve exterior, this two-part implant concept could have many medical applications beyond the most obvious ones to enhance cardiac valve surgery in children," says del Nido.The proprietary design of the braided sleeve developed by del Nido and Karp’s team doesn’t just share resemblance to a Chinese finger trap but also to an organic structure engineered by nature itself.“We solved this problem of growth accommodation with a concept that already exists in nature: the octopus has a special ability to stretch its arms into confined cracks and spaces between rocks, in search of its prey,” says Yuhan Lee, Ph D, co-first author on the study and a materials researcher at BWH.This work was supported by the Boston Pediatric Device Consortium, the National Institutes of Health (GM086433), the Basic Science Research Program through the National Research Foundation of Korea funded by the Ministry of Education of Korea (2012R1A6A3A03041166) and Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (N0002123).Read more Vector stories about bioengineering innovations.

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